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Spring Lake Outdoor Club (SLOC)
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Spring Lake is located in Bedford County, Virginia, 15 minutes from Smith Mountain Lake and 25 minutes from Roanoke.  A spring-fed 16 acre private lake, Spring Lake offers some of the finest freshwater fishing in southwest Virginia.  The lake is stocked with native species of  large-mouth bass, bluegill, and crappie which are large, active and put up a good fight on spinner reel or fly rod. Spring Lake Farm also offers a 3-D Archery Range  that is certain to become one of the finest courses in Virginia.

Spring Lake Outdoor Club adheres to a non-alcoholic policy and we believe this helps to retain a family atmosphere.  Membership includes the privilege to fish, shoot (bows only please) and otherwise play at Spring Lake Farm. Hiking. camping, horseback riding and other wholesome activities are encouraged; all we ask is that you call so we can anticipate your visit. We will accommodate your needs if possible and charge batteries, give you trail conditions and supply firewood at designated spots, etc.  We have a few simple rules designed to enhance everyone’s enjoyment and success.  We request your cooperation and compliance.

All funds collected from membership dues and daily fees of $5.00 a day are used for the upkeep and improvement of the boats, targets, trails, docks, and related equipment and facilities.  Guests may join you on a limited basis for the daily fee only.

For more information about the club please call  Jennifer Merritt at 540-598-9469 or write:

Spring Lake Outdoor Club
1051 Spring Lake Farm Road
Moneta, VA 24121


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