1 -        Please call before coming to fish.  The number is 540-598-9469.  This is to ensure that a boat is available and a battery is charged for your use.  If no answer please leave a message.  You may risk coming out anyway, but please realize that another member may have already reserved the boats.  Please sign the register at the office, all visitors must now sign in upon entering the property – no exceptions! When you sign in you must indicate what activity you will be doing by setting a flag at the office – set the orange flag for 3D, set the blue flag for fishing or set the white flag for other (hiking, bird watching, etc.)  If fishing please record your catch afterwards and provide information on what you caught and conditions.  If shooting please record anything on the range that looks out of order, vandalized, or needs attention (downed tree, messy trail conditions, etc.) This will help everyone.

2 -        The daily fee is $5.00 per person, member and any guest.  The fee box and sign in are at the office.  As we encourage family fishing and shooting, there is NO FEE for immediate family members, spouses and children.  Friends are welcome to join you for up to two visits by paying the daily fee.  After two visits they may wish to apply for membership.

3 -        While fishing members and guests are asked to wear personal flotation devices supplied with            each boat.  While shooting members are asked to wear at least one (1) item of blaze orange preferable a hat.  This will help to keep our activities safe. 

4 -        There is no daily catch limit at this time except on Crappie. Please limit to 4 per person per day.  You may catch and release or keep your catch up to the daily limit.  The
use of wire baskets over a stringer line is recommended if you release at the end of the day.  No live bait, please.

5 -        All shooters must follow and abide by trail signs as to where shooting is and is not allowed.  There is to be no hunting at SLF.  No firearms or crossbows are allowed at this time. Compound bows and traditional bows are allowed.  Each shooter is allowed one (1) shot per target, some shots have two (2) targets – pick one (1)!  No broadheads and always make sure of your shot – as a member you are responsible for every arrow in your party! If you lose an arrow please record that at the end of your shoot and indicate the target number. If you find an arrow please put it in the lost arrow rack on the back of the 3D entrance sign.  While on the range be aware of all parties in the area, other shooters, fisherman and others.  After pulling your arrows keep moving as others may be approaching from behind.   Never cross a fence while at SLF, not even to recover an arrow,  as you will then be trespassing and not on our property.  Use common sense and etiquette while on the range, just as if you where hunting

6 -        NO ALCOHOL, including beer, is allowed on the property.  Special permission for weddings, parties or group functions may be granted in writing only!

7 -        YOU MUST HAVE FUN!

8 -         Failure to follow the rules and guidelines of SLOC and SLF can and will result in membership privileges being revoked with no refunds!